Simple shapes and a smooth surface texture give this permeable paver system a sleek, contemporary look. Special spacer bars create a 7mm gap between Eco-Priora units which allows water to flow through. When installed on an open graded base with a fine stone chip between the joints, this allows rainwater to permeate the paved surface where it can then be absorbed by the subsoil. In residential areas or commercial developments where there are restrictions on the amount of land that can be covered with non-permeable surfaces, using Eco-Priora to turn a driveway or parking lot into a permeable surface can be very useful. However, the environmental benefits of reducing the load on municipal stormwater runoff systems, along with reduced puddling and ice build-up, are relevant for any project. For large scale commercial projects, special order colors and textures are available.

Our budget-friendly, Unilock Classic pavers and walls are manufactured to exceed ASTM standards for quality and strength. Available in classic shapes and styles, these products utilize a traditional product mix of large and small aggregates that is consistent from top to bottom with color mixed throughout.

Individual Dimension individual dimension 1 9½ x 4¾ x 3⅛"240 x 120 x 80mm
Other Information Advantages PERMEABLECan be installed to allowwater to flow through loadsDRIVE FRIENDLYCan handle vehicular loads
Bundle TypeSingle
Thickness (mm)80mm
Dimension Dimension (mm) 120mm x 240mm x 80mm
Dimension Imperial4 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 3 1/8"
SQFT PER Bundle 75.95
Soldier Lnft Per Sq Ft 1.27
Per Layer13.78
Per Bundle96.46
Sailor Lnft Per SqFt 2.54
Per Layer27.56
Per Bundle192.91
Units PER SqFt 3.23
LBS PER Layer 381

Eco Priora Classic

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