The unique surface texture and long term performance of Series makes it one of our most popular pavers for public squares, streetscapes and other commercial applications. Natural granite and quartz aggregates throughout its micro-pebbled surface create speckles of color and sparkle which is only enhanced as the product is exposed to outdoor elements over time. This non-slip paver is perfect for residential patios, driveways and walkways and is a popular choice for banding and accents in paver designs, walls and other vertical features. As well, Series is available for walls as part of the U-Cara Multiface Wall System.

Unit Random Bundle Size Unit Random Bundle Size 1 21¼ x 14¼ x 23/8"540 x 360 x 60mm20 units/Bundle2.09 Sq.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 214¼ x 14¼ x 23/8"360 x 360 x 60mm30 units/Bundle1.40 Sq.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 314¼ x 7⅛ x 23/8"360 x 180 x 60mm30 units/Bundle.70 Sq.Ft./Stone
Other Information Advantages Granite, Quartz and Marble surface materials PEDESTRIAN FRIENDLY Not recommended for vehicular use
Bundle TypeRandom
Thickness (mm)60mm
SQFT PER Bundle 104.6
Sailor Lnft Per SqFt 0.85
Per Layer8.86
Per Bundle88.58
Units PER SqFt 0.76
LBS PER Layer 296

Series – 60mm

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