SienaEdge is a modular concrete retaining wall system that is used to stabilize and contain earth embankments, large and small. The SienaEdge wall system is a fully-engineered, structural retaining wall system constructed as either a “gravity” wall (no geogrid) or a geogrid-reinforced wall. It can be used for applications up to 30ft (9m) or even higher with proper design. The ideally-sized block provides fast, efficient machine-placed installation, while still offering a manageable weight for manual maneuvering if required. It eliminates complex estimations and ordering with the innovative multifunction block design, integrating standards & corners into the same block. The closed-end Standard block is ideal for building corners, ending two-sided seat walls and is able to create both vertical or battered walls, all with one block.

SQFT PER Bundle 12

SienaEdge – Wall/Coping

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