The granite-like surface appearance make Umbriano a popular choice for sleek, modern projects as a paver or wall product (see U-Cara Multiface Wall System). Its unique mottled surface is achieved with ColorFusion™ Technology which randomly disperses rich color and granite particles to achieve a natural, non-slip texture. These characteristics make it a popular choice for pool decks. As well, Umbriano is factory sealed with EasyClean™, an integral surface protection from stains. This is a significant benefit when Umbriano is used in driveways, outdoor dining areas and high traffic commercial projects.

Unit Random Bundle Size Unit Random Bundle Size 1 22½ x 15 x 2⅜"560 x 380 x 60mm20 units/Bundle2.331 Sq.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 215 x15 x 2⅜"380 x 380 x 60mm30 units/Bundle1.554 Sq.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 315 x 7½ x 2⅜"380 x 190 x 60mm30 units/Bundle.77 Sq.Ft./Stone
Other Information Advantages EASYCLEAN™Factory sealed to provide integral surface protection from stainsCOLORFUSION™Subtly mottled color finishPEDESTRIAN FRIENDLYNot recommended for vehicular use
Bundle TypeRandom
Thickness (mm)60mm
SQFT PER Bundle 116.57
Sailor Lnft Per SqFt 0.8
Per Layer9.35
Per Bundle93.5
Units PER SqFt 0.69
LBS PER Layer 320

Umbriano™ – Random 60mm (2021)

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