On Site Tub
Service truck with grinder

Quick on site grinding from brush, chips, and logs.

We offer Tub Grinding services at your job site with one of our efficient Vermeer tub grinders. A tub grinder is a heavy piece of portable machinery designed to effectively remove and recycle organic material. We mobilize our equipment to your site and grind anything from brush, chips, and logs. We offer tub grinding services to businesses, tree services, and municipalities in the Chicagoland area. Our experience allows us to complete any land clearing job with superior speed and effectiveness. Grinding of wood waste reduces operational costs from disposal and transportation and minimizes bulky wood waste. Our team of experienced professionals will operate and manage your project in an environmentally friendly and green manner.

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Bulk Loads of
Bulk Load of Mulch

Bulk Loads of Mulch

We are excited to offer our customers the option to buy Bulk Loads of Mulch. Our fleet of semis are on standby and ready to serve your commercial needs. The extensive variety of mulches we produce are always in stock and ready to be delivered in a timely fashion. Mulch can be dumped on-site for your own installation or delivered to your business for stockpiling. Call or email to schedule your delivery today.

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Bulk Loads of
Compost & Soil

Bulk Loads of Compost & Soil

Our network enables us to deliver Compost & Soil in bulk with rapid and reliable delivery. Compost loads are usually delivered via walking floor trailers ensuring safe unloading and maximum capacities. Soil loads are delivered via dump-bed trailers. We have a full-service fleet of delivery trucks to meet your compost & soil needs.

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Give Us
Your Waste

Give Us Your Waste

At Landscape Material & Firewood Sales, Inc., we take pride in providing effective and reliable environmental services for proper waste disposal. Rest assured knowing that your materials are recycled and disposed of the right way for the environment.

We will take your waste no problem!

  • Brick, stone, and concrete waste.

    Concrete must be free of rebar sticking out

  • Yard spoils

    No grass clippings will be accepted

  • Clean wood chips, brush, logs, and leaves.
    Only organic material NO lumber, fencing, wood posts,
    pallets, etc.
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3D CAD at Landscape Material

3D CAD Services

Work with one of the skilled designers to have a CAD design created custom for your individual needs. CAD designs are 3D and allow you to visualize everything that would be on the property before it is finalized. The intense detailing and realistic features included in CAD Designs assist the flawless execution by our crews. The engineering also helps our contractors place items exactly where they are desired for the highest potential effect.

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