Sand & Gravel Surcharge Effective Immediately
There will be a surcharge of $3.00 per ton on ALL sand and gravel purchases.
Due to unforeseen circumstances:
– Union strikes at gravel pits and quarries.
– Fuel surcharges being passed along to us when picking up stone at the gravel pits and quarries.
– Fuel costs over $6.00 per gallon.

Sand and gravel are much more cost-effective than other materials. This option can add a certain creative flair to your landscaping. By lining walkways, ornamental rocks, or florals with sand or gravel, you can add a new dimension to your yard. Furthermore, sand and gravel are easy to experiment with because these materials are not overly expensive and do not require much upkeep. Sand and gravel are excellent options for homes or businesses that frequently purchase and store their landscaping materials in bulk.

Our company offers a wide variety of sand and gravel to suit any project, private or commercial. We’ve been providing landscapers, contractors, and homeowners with various dimensions and types of sand, limestone, and gravel. Our company’s mission is to excel in customer satisfaction by supplying quality landscaping and construction materials at affordable prices to the general public and contractors. Whether you need a new driveway, road or land filled, you can always rely on Landscape Material & Firewood Sales, Inc.