Length: 2′
Width: 4-1/8″
Height: 3/4″

Profile channel drains have a unique patented flying buttress design that provides load-bearing support from both sides as well as underneath. Made from chemical-resistant and rustproof materials, the maintenance-free and lightweight grates are a breeze to install, making the Spee-D Channel Drain an efficient and effective solution for your drainage needs.

Spee-D Channel Drains are ideal for driveways, large decks, pool areas and commercial applications.

  • Prevent leaves and debris from entering the channel drain or trench drain and clogging the drainage system
  • Spee-D Channel Drain Grate in plastic works with the Spee-D Channel system to drain moderate water flows from driveways, concrete & paver patios, pool areas, courtyards, and walkways, and directs it to drain pipes for proper release downstream

Spee-D Channel Drain Grate

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