Replace messy straw with Green Choice EZ Mulch. Green Choice EZ Mulch is a user-friendly alternative to straw. It contains no weed seeds and contains much less dust than straw. Typically, 50 pounds covers 1000 square feet.

EZ Mulch’s granular texture provides excellent coverage, making it more economical than other pelleted mulches. This improved coverage reduces soil and water runoff. The granules expand as they absorb water.

Green Choice EZ Mulch contains no grass seed, allowing the user to choose the seed that is best suited to their location. Green Choice EZ Mulch’s dark green color makes it easy to monitor its application, improves seed germination and enhances the site appearance.

After germination, the mulch biodegrades, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil. Green Choice EZ Mulch can be easily applied by hand, with a drop spreader, and hydraulically. EZ Mulch will mix in a hydroseeder more quickly than most baled mulches and faster than any other pellet mulch on the market.

Ez Mulch

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