Fifth Application: October
Summer Repair/Winterizer

– Each bag covers 9500SF
(~4.5 Bags per acre)
– 9.5lbs of Nitrogen per bag
– 9.5lbs of Phosphate per bag
– 9.5lbs of Potassium per bag
– Great starter fertilizer for new seedings and over seedings.
– Helps jumpstart grass in the spring & helps green up grass after the heat of Summer.

All Mineral Fertilizer


Nitrogen (N)– Responsible for the growth of the blades and dark green color.
Phosphorus (P)– Responsible for the root health of the plant.
Potassium (K)– Responsible for the overall function of the plant. Vital for plant vigor and growth. Helps plant efficiently use Nitrogen.

19-19-19 Seed Starter Fertilizer

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