New Technology-Award Fertilizer with
Acelepryn Insecticide

It contains a more effective class of active ingredient
than organophosphates, neonicotinoids and synthetic
pyrethrioids. Acelepryn attacks the muscles of the
target pest which results in paralysis and death. For
season-long white grub control, apply in early April
for preventative and long-lasting control.

This product also controls:
Annual Bluegrass Weevil
Bill bugs
European Crane Fly
Chinch Bugs (suppression)
Sod Worms

Based on environmental risk, the EPA has
granted Acelepryn reduced risk status pesticide.

• Low impact on human health-a low mammalian
toxicity with reduced exposure to workers.
• Low toxicity to non-target organisms-Birds, Fish,
Honey Bees, Parasites & Predators
• Low potential for water contamination-low water
solubi lity & high affinity for organic matter
• Low amount of product needed to be efficaciousmeaning
fewer applications
• Low potential for development of pest
resistance-new mode of action

Merit is an insecticide. It’s A.I. is Imidacloprid and kills grubs in the soil. The latest this can be applied is in June so it can get into the soil and kill and grubs before they hatch in late Summer.

PCSCU Poly coated/Sulfur coated urea. Coated urea that slowly breaks down its outer layers, slowly releasing nitrogen into the plant. A controlled, slow release fertilizer.


Nitrogen (N)– Responsible for the growth of the blades and dark green color.
Phosphorus (P)– Responsible for the root health of the plant.
Potassium (K)– Responsible for the overall function of the plant. Vital for plant vigor and growth. Helps plant efficiently use Nitrogen.

Safety Data Sheet

15-00-05 Fertilizer with Grub Control

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