Durable, accurate and convenient, this 13-foot aluminum grade rod is ideal for reading elevation changes on your jobsite. Its durable aluminum construction and protective anodized finish make it durable to last on even the toughest jobsites. With dual graduations of an engineers scale feet/tenths on the front and standard feet/inches on the back, the grade rod conveniently and clearly provides the measurements you need. It also features a 4-section telescoping construction for easy storage.

Johnson’s grade rod is the ideal tool for determining differences in elevation on your jobsite. It is a must-have for building contractors, paving companies, excavation companies, concrete professionals, plumbers, landscapers and more! This grade rod pairs perfectly with any Johnson laser and detector, or with any Johnson optical product such as theodolites or automatic levels.

3 Year Warranty

  • Durable aluminum construction with protective anodized finish
  • Telescoping rod for easy storage (4 sections)
  • Dual graduations read engineers scale feet/tenths on front and standard feet/inches on back

13′ Aluminum Grade Rod

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