Ultimate High-Speed Diamond Blade for Demolition/Concrete

Introducing BladeMaster…. The ultimate laser-welded segmented diamond blade designed for cured concrete with the best cost/performance on the market. The 14mm segment height combined with the multi-Layer arranged diamond technology ensures a very fast cutting speed and a long life on popular high-speed demolition saws. Although it is designed for high-speed application, the multi-layer arranged diamond technology along with titanium-coated premium diamond grit allows this blade to work on other types of saws between 5 to 25 HP motor and cuts a diverse range of materials whether it is a wet or dry application.

  • High-Quality Laser-Welded Segmented Blades for High-Speed Demolition Saws
  • Slices Easily Through Materials
  • Perfect for Construction and Hardscape Applications
  • Segment Height of ½” Ensures a Long Life
  • Fits Masonry Saws and Road Cutters
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Available in 14” and 16” Diameters with 1” arbor w/Pin Hole

Alpha Blademaster

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