The Ultimate Dry Blade for Hardscape Contractors

Alpha® introduces the PT Cutter blade which is designed to cut porcelain paver tiles, with the minimal chipping on the edge, using a gas-powered demolition saw. When the hardscaping contractor installs paver tiles for outdoor living areas, the installation technique is the same as other tiles. However, they install paver tiles for the walkways, pool and Jacuzzi areas, where there are many curved lines. The PT Cutter can improve productivity by letting them install the paver tiles to cover the desired area, then mark the cut line, score, cut and release for a fast and efficient project. Typically, tile installers are accustomed to cut each piece to size then install the piece. This is done repeatedly to complete the job and is fine for confined spaces such as inside of a house. Since these applications are outside in the yard, dust, noise and odor from exhaust may not be an issue for contractors, so the gas-powered demolition saw is the choice for most hardscape contractors. Alpha® has sintered a very special turbo rim diamond layer directly to the steel core instead of welding segments piece by piece. This is designed specifically for porcelain dry cutting. Blades made by this method offer less impact to the material, during the cutting application, which minimizes the chipping. The softer steel core allows you to cut the desired curved line, by step-cutting, for a continual cutting application.

  • Best Dry Cutting Turbo Blade on the Market
  • Perfect for Porcelain Paver Tiles
  • 6mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • Recommended for Landscaping Tiles
  • Fits Most Gas-Powered Demolition Saws
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Special Turbo Rim Diamond Layer Sintered Directly to the Steel Core

Alpha PT Cutter Blades

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