Demolition Blade Cuts It All!

Alpha Professional Tools® does it again! Introducing the Alpha® Rescue Blade. This rugged demolition blade slices through concrete with re-bar, steel, stone, metal, wood, glass and rubberized material with ease. It has been proven to be a winner for firefighters, police officers, military personnel as well as construction professionals. Use with a gas-powered cut-off saw to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. Available in 9” 14” diameters, the Alpha® Rescue Blade cuts it all!

  • Slices Through Materials with Ease
  • Works on Concrete with Re-Bar, Steel, Stone, Metal, Wood, Glass and Rubberized Materials
  • Proven Winner for Firefighters, Police Officers and Construction Professionals
  • Use on Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saws

Alpha Rescue Blades

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