Aluminum handles with rubber grip. Very comfortable hand pruners that can even be used without gloves. Steel blade and counter blade.

INCLUDES: Garden Shears include a free sheath and extra replacement blade. These Heavy Duty Pruning Shears will last. Great for Flower Snips. Up to 15mm in diameter. These safe Flower Scissors can be used for Trimming Indoor plants too.

  • NON-SLIP PVC COATED ALUMINUM HANDLES: These Garden Snips adapt perfectly to the hand while Pruning. You can even use these Hand Pruners without gloves. These reliable plant scissors are made of aluminum, are lightweight and reliable.
  • SECURITY LOCK: These Bypass Pruning Shears have a comfortable securing system with easy opening and closing with one hand. Includes storage sheath that you can attach to your belt, spare blade, and self-adjusting tool.
  • SK-5 TEMPERED STEEL BLADE AND COUNTER-BLADE: Pruning Shear blade includes wire cutters. The Garden Shear counter blade includes a scraper. These Pruners allow cutting of various kinds of plants, trees, and bushes.
  • REDUCE FATIGUE: Pruners are especially designed with Rubber Blocks to cushion the blow at the end of the cut. These Gardening Shears optimize your physical effort. The integrated shock absorber allows easy and fatigue-free work, clean cuts.

KM-13 Precision Pruner Snip

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