This two-sided laser detector is ideal for using RED beam rotary lasers outdoors, in high ambient light conditions or whenever the human eye cannot see the laser beam by quickly and accurately locating the laser signals. Dual LCD displays ensure that your body never blocks the laser signal when operating the device and ensures you can see the reading no matter where you are. This detector features fine/coarse detection settings, and accuracy is never a problem thanks to the audible and visual indicators that allow for precise leveling. The included clamp easily attaches the laser detector to grade rods for determining differences in elevation.

This laser detector was designed for use indoors and outdoors and greatly expands the working range of any red beam rotary laser. It is a must-have for building contractors, paving companies, excavation companies, concrete professionals, plumbers, landscapers and more! The laser detector pairs perfectly with any red beam rotary laser.

  • Quickly and accurately locates red beam rotary laser signals
  • Audible and visual indicators for precise leveling
  • Front and back dual displays are back-lit for easy reading
  • Fine and coarse (wide and narrow) detection settings
  • Clamp attaches to grade rods

Two-Sided Laser Detector Clamp

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