• ROBUST CHASSIS - Designed with the user in mind, our chassis assembly gives you plently of foot clearance, and the extra wide stance adds stability to prevent tip-overs and spills. The chassis are powder-coated, structural steel chassis and is flared for lateral support.
  • HEAVY DUTY FRONT BRACES - Heavy gauge, powder coated steel braces are designed for durability (exceeds 1,200 lbs of pressure). The front braces are secured to the chassis with recessed bolts and premium flanged nuts.
  • RUGGED WHEEL ASSEMBLY - Handle any terrain with Brentwood's rugged wheel assemblies. They are paired with dirt resistant bearings and axles, guarantee adaptability and longevity.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PAN & HARDWARE - The patented shovel-friendly pan is formed from UV-stabilized, heavy gauge high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and secured to the chassis with smooth, recessed bolts and premium flange nuts.
  • RIGID NOSE PIECE - Powder coated, heavy-gauge steel ensures a rigid frame assembly.
  • NORTH AMERICAN HARDWOOD HANDLES - Varnished handles are engineered for heavy use and efficient lifting.

Brentwood Workman Wheelbarrows

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