Highly versatile white 2700K Color Temperature SRP strip lights are constructed with extruded silicone to provide superior protection against tough outdoor conditions. A full spectrum of accessories ensures easy installation in a variety of settings.

Included in box:
– 3″ Jumper Splice Cable
– 6″ Jumper Splice Cable
– 40 Mounting Clips
– Closed End Connector
– Pick Tool

Quick Facts:
  • 12 VAC input voltage
  • 2,700K temperature
  • Designed for solder- and adhesive-free connections
  • Handy 2" (51 mm) cut marks provide precision customization
  • IP65 rating for reliable performance
  • Compatible with the Luxor® Low-Voltage CUBE for zoning and dimming

SRP-2700K Strip Light – 40′ Roll

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