GATOR BASE is an evolution of foundation technology, which saves you time, labor and money. It is manufactured for pedestrian applications such as: patios, pool decks, walkways, 18″ (45 cm) seating walls and fire pits, allowing you to clearly define your spaces and highlight the focal points of the dream staycation area. Designed with a tongue and groove system, GATOR BASE is easy to install.

A single GATOR BASE panel is also equivalent to 130 kg (288 lb) of crushed stone, saving you a minimum of 6″ (15 cm) of additional excavation. The GATOR BASE drains water through channels and is made from lightweight, high density polypropylene. Environmentally friendly, GATOR BASE is 100% recyclable, extremely durable.

GATOR BASE does not degrade in the soil when buried.

Use for small or large pedestrian projects such as:
Patios, sidewalks, walkways, paths and pool surrounds, 18″ (45 cm) seating walls and fire pits, oncrete pavers, natural or wet cast stones, porcelain tiles and slabs

Final dimensions at installation:
23.5″ x 35.5″ (59.5 cm x 90 cm) = 5.79 sq. ft (0.54 sq. m.)
3/4″ (19 mm) thick
weight = 1.32 lb (0.6 kg) each

  • Save 6″ (15 cm) of additional excavation
  • Save 6″ (15 cm) of compacted crushed stone
  • 50% savings on the costs of soil excavation
  • Reduces labor costs by a minimum of 20%
  • Reduces overall installation time
  • Reduces unnecessary excavation
  • Gator Base panels help transfer dynamic and static loads
  • Helps to combat the labor shortage

Gator Base

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