An important part of the paver installation process is the installation of the proper jointing sand. SEK-Surebond Paver Joint Sand will properly complete the interlocking of the segmental pavers because it is clean, angular and meets ASTM-C144 specifications. This type of sand is more stable in the paver joints and has the optimal gradation to ensure long term performance of the pavement system. SEK-Surebond Paver Joint Sand is ideal for use with SEK-Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers.

  • Angular Jointing Sand Meets ASTM-C144 Standards
  • Recommended for Joints Up to 3/4″
  • Washed, Screened & Dried
  • Convenient 50 lb Bags
  • Available in Tan, Gray and Platinum

SEK Jointing Sand

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