PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets are the premier snow and ice melter, ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. It melts ice up to 3 times faster than competing materials, and outperforms other products across a wide range of temperatures. The round shape of PELADOW™ helps it penetrate ice and break the bond with the pavement more quickly than flat or crystal-shaped ice melters, allowing easy removal of snow and ice.

– Steps – Including granite, concrete, and tile
– Sidewalks – Bluestone, natural flagging, pavers, and pave stone
– Driveways – Asphalt and stamped concrete
– Commercial, municipal & residential buildings, hospitals, and parking lots

  • Contain 90% calcium chloride, the most effective material for melting ice and snow
  • Melt ice faster than competing ice-melt materials
  • Absorb moisture and release heat to speed melting
  • Penetrate through ice up to 3 times faster than competing materials
  • Perform in a wide range of winter temperatures, even in extreme cold
  • Manufactured in the US

Peladow Ice Melter Salt

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