Techniseal® HD Paver Prep is specially formulated to dissolve efflorescence (whitish salt) and remove ground-in dirt (traffic marks, etc.) on pavers, slabs and retaining walls made of concrete. Containing no hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, it works deep without discoloring or damaging the surface. It brightens up colors, cleans evenly and enables sealers to better penetrate the surface of the material.

– Heavy-duty efflorescence cleaner that also dislodges other types of staining contaminants
– Allows for optimal surface preparation prior to sealer application
– Brightens up the color of pavers without damaging them
– Extends the durability of sealing jobs by allowing for better penetration protective Sealer

Product type : Cleaner
Surface type : Concrete Paver, Concrete Slab, Interlocking Paver

Coverage : 1 gal. of concentrated solution cleans up to 200 sq. ft.

HD Paver Prep

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