4″ Ecoduty – for tough soils or ground conditions. No need for a long stake in these conditions. The barbed design provides all the holding power you need to safely and securely anchor any BMP, turf or sod.

Using innovative technology, our recycled plastic stakes, manufactured entirely in the USA, contain an additive that changes the chemical structure of the plastic.

This change causes the plastic to lose structure and break down. Once broken down, the stakes will biodegrade into all natural by-products. Safe for the environment even in sensitive areas and outperforming all other staking options.

Tested Tough
Our stakes were sent to an independent laboratory to measure the toughness and durability. What good is a biodegradable stake if it is not useful to the contractors in the field. The results came back, and it was no competition: Ecoduty biodegradable stakes are the toughest biodegradable option on the market. For a premium ecofriendly and safer staking option, the choice is clear: Ecoturf Biodegradable Stakes.

4″ Ecoturf Biodegradable Stakes

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