The simple design of Lineo Dimensional Stone makes it a popular choice for contemporary walls, pillars, fire features, grill islands and other vertical features. Sold in a 4-stone random bundle, with the largest unit 24” (61cm) in length, all the sizes contribute to the long, linear look. Spacer strips, sold with the random bundle, ensure even separation between each unit and create shadows that help define each stone. Ledgestone™ or Unilock Natural Stone are both excellent choices to complete the look with coping and pillar caps.

Unit Random Bundle Size Unit Random Bundle Size 1 8 x 24 x 4"200 x 600 x 100mm18 units/Bundle.66 Fc.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 28 x 20 x 4"200 x 500 x 100mm15 units/Bundle.55 FC.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 38 x 16 x 4"200 x 400 x 100mm15 units/Bundle.44 Fc.Ft./Stone
Unit Random Bundle Size 48 x 12 x 4"200 x 300 x 100mm15 units/Bundle.33 Fc.Ft./Stone
Other Information Bundle Type Random
Thickness (mm)100mm
SQFT PER Bundle 31.91
Fc Ft Per Bundle 31.91
Ln Ft Bundle 94.46
Units PER SqFt 1.97
LBS PER Layer 948

Lineo Dimensional Wall Random

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